Anonymous asked:
how do you work your legs, cardio/weights? They are so gorgeous and toned but still clearly healthy!

I do a combination of hiit, cardio and lighter weights love :) all balance.

phoebe2686 asked:
Is dark chocolate good for you? Iv heard heaps of rumors about it being good for you but I'm not sure whether to believe it or not

I eat 70% dark cocoa and I love it. Im honestly not too sure if its good or bad for you but if you are having dark chocolate as a treat instead of something else then I think its perfectly fine :)

Anonymous asked:
what did you do to get abs?

the age old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” its true :) x

Anonymous asked:
i'm going away to thailand soon, I was wondering how I could stay fit there? because I can't really workout because it's so hot and I cant bring what I usually eat over there

I am going at the end of the year too so I share the same dilemmas BUT there are always ways around it :) you can workout in your apartment with the aircon on, use the hotel gym or even get out and go for a walk, you will be exploring so chances are you will be doing a lot of walking during the day anyway, as for food? The hotels will have more then enough fresh produce on hand :)

whozpimping asked:
Blue/black stripped bikini with white bottom, might be one of the hottest/sexy/perfect frame/great job on staying fit/j had to look away for a sec so j wouldn't she'd a tear/WOW!!

Thankyou :)

Anonymous asked:
What are your views on vegetarian/vegan? Love your instagram btw:)

I completely support all vegans & vegetarians, I am vegetarian at the moment but I eat very limited diary, I have converted majority of my lifestyle products to vegan/ cruelty free & it really is a beautiful life change, my world was so biased before I became aware of all the hurt & destruction humans do to animals and the earth. Thankyou :) x

Anonymous asked:
Are you a vegan? How did you start out? Im finding it hard to come up with nice recipes! x

I am vegetarian at the moment but i eat VERY limited dairy products, its winter in Australia so I have been loving the vegetable soups at night & during the day I have a lot of juices, smoothies & salads. If you research, there are heaps of recipes out there, it just takes trial & error to find what foods you really enjoy :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi there :)I found your photo on Instagram and just loved your profile. Was wondering if you would be able to give an idea of a simple eating plan to lose weight? I recently found out I'm allergic to eggs, dairy and intolerant to gluten. I've tried skipping meals and even to the extent of eating only an apple during the day until supper time. Any adivce? I would really appreciate it so much. You are such an inspiration . :)

I don’t eat very many dairy products either nor meat as I am vegetarian & I can’t give you a meal plan but some tips I do suggest are finding supplements for dairy, soy products are great & they taste good too. If you are looking to loose fat then the general rule is to have a low carb, high protein diet. Althought everyone is different, you really best off seeing a qualified personal trainer or a nutritionist who can work with you :) Sorry I couldn’t be of more help love. x

Anonymous asked:
Hey there, may I ask how tall you are? I was just wondering :)

I am 160cm, very short haha.