Binge Eating disorder Supplementary information leaflet

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I think it’s so important to remember that last bit: “Each eating disorder has addictive elements. An alcoholic can live without drink. A drug user can abstain from their substance of choice. But people can’t live without food, which makes this an extremely challenging ordeal”.

Anonymous asked:
Hey I just saw your progress photo and wanted to say well done! Your body is amazing girl good work ;) also I was just wondering how tall are you? :) x

Thankyou hun, I am short at 162cm tall. x

Anonymous asked:
How many times do you workout and how do your workouts look like? you're so perfect! *-* huge inspiration!!

I workout around 4-5 times per week, my workouts consist of LISS (Low intensity steady state cardio) walking/ running for approx 30-45mins at 60-65% of maximal heart rate and HIIT (Hight intensity interval training) short intensity followed by a low intensity, so for example sprints. xx

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry to be so curious, but what was your former lifestyle ? you talked about drugs and it is amazing how you change this ! I'm curious about how and why you lived like this ? Don't want to offend you, and i would understand if you don't aswer. But you're a real inspiration to me to get back on track because i'm depressive and i was interrested to get your old lifestyle. Thanks girl

I don’t like to go into detail but I was just at a struggling point in my life, I had made some bad personal decisions that I didn’t want to deal with so partying every weekend was a better way to numb myself then dealing with the reality, I know now it wasn’t the right thing to do but I don’t regret that part of my life as its probably taught me the most I have ever learnt about myself and the person I don’t want to be but I certainly do not recommend it. 

Anonymous asked:
Are you vegan? Xx

Vegetarian :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey, basically I'm struggling with binging for 2 years now. I eat clean I train weights and do cardio. All this seems to be paying off but I'm still not losing as much fat as I would like to due to binging. I don't want to tell anyone about this who I know or the doctors I just want to stop permantley! Any idea how I can stop :( ??

The general cycle of binge eating is as follows…

Restriction –> Binge Eating –> Guilt –> Restriction –> Binge Eating –> Guilt

Try to make sure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet. Incorporate green vegetables, lean protein and good fats so you stay fuller throughout the day. I also don’t believe in cheat days as they only really promote a binge episode where people know they have one specific day to eat whatever they want so they over indulge and end up feeling “guilty” the cycle begins all over again. If you are craving something naughty then have it, don’t hold back or you will end up with a binge. Moderation is the key to eating a consistently healthy diet.

I use to binge myself and the HARDEST part is breaking the habit, I would stand and stare at the cupboard for 10-20mins at a time debating over and over with myself to not give in. Its not easy hun but you can do it and honestly, once the habit is broken, things will get easier and you will start to gain more control over yourself and your eating. I still have those days where I stand at the cupboard and I still get that feeling in m stomach but my will is stronger now so I will have some strawberries, green tea or one square of dark chocolate to satisfy the feeling but still stick to my eating. 

I hope I helped, goodluck, x



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