Anonymous asked:
I'm underweight and I'm so lost! (Something around 43kg and 160cm) I don't want to quit my workouts and I don't wan't to eat bigger meals, because when I eat just a little bit (u can think what happend when I eat more!) my belly is going to look HUGE and so bloated! ... Any help?

I was 45KG at 160cm so I know exactly what you are feeling. I can’t tell you exactly what to do as I don’t know how your body personally works (dietary intake, exercise regime, medical) and I am not qualified yet.

I do recommend you see a qualified personal trainer to give you some tips. I personally started eating a few more carbs during the day such as wholegrain breads, beans, pastas & I also increased my protein intake ALOT, I cut back on doing cardio everyday, down to 3 times a week & started lifting weights to build muscle so I stayed small but I started looking healthier instead of skin & bone. :) x

Anonymous asked:
what cardio/strength exercises can i do to get lean legs instead of bulking them?

I find hiit training works best for me, I can still maintain muscle in my legs but I also shed the fat so they stay lean instead of muscular.

amd0313 asked:
what does your workout routine look like!?

I don’t have a specific training program, I constantly change my workout routines. I do a lot of HIIT training though & i also incorporate weight training 1-2 times a week. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I came across your instagram and you are absolutely stunning. As I went through your instagram I saw the picture of you one year ago and felt instantly connected. I am around 15 to 20 lbs underweight and look very similar to your before picture. I am aware that I do not eat enough I also do very little excercising. I dream to one day have the body that you have today. I was wondering if you can give me any tips on how to start, some type of plan. You are truly an inspiration!!!

I stopped eating C.R.A.P.: 
C - Carbonated drinks 
R - Refined sugars 
A - Artificial sweeteners & colours 
P - Processed

I started focusing on a diet high in protein with carb loads in the morning & maybe some at lunch as well depending on what I was training that day. I cut back to doing cardio maybe 2 times a week instead of everyday & focused on weight training at least 4 times a week. it took a good 7 months for my body to change & still find it hard to keep muscle on, my body just turns skinny if I don’t eat & train properly. I hope this helps a little love :) I wish you all the best in your journey.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know your body measurements? How small is your waist? And what exercises do you do for a perky butt?

I don’t know my body measurements sorry love, I know my body fat which is currently 14%. I do a lot of hiit training which keeps me toned & slim & I also do a few weight sessions a week to maintain muscle which I am still trying to build. For a round booty do lunges, squats and dead lifts, with & without weights :)